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Justin H DeMarest

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Justin began working in Real Estate in 2001. He earned his broker license in 2003 and currently serves on several local and national industry boards.

In 2005, Justin co-founded Award Co. REALTORS®. Justin has a passion for helping his clients achieve their dreams of home-ownership by navigating clients through the complexities inherent in today's real estate transactions.

Justin's authentic enthusiasm for the real estate industry makes him the perfect Broker for a dynamic industry, constantly changing and evolving with technology, economic conditions and demographic shifts. Discussing these trends and his eagerness to adopt innovative tools make him stand on the vanguard of the real estate industry.

Justin DeMarest is a REALTOR® and entrepreneur, charging forward to find innovative ways to market homes, and cater to his client's needs. Justin founded Award Co. to operate on high standards of professionalism, integrity and service. Passion, transparency and quality work exemplify the example he sets for the agents at Award Co.

Justin holds an MBA from The University of Louisville College of Business, an MS from The University of Louisville, and a BSBA from The University of Iowa.

"This is not all about numbers," Justin has said. "Yes, we are successful. Yes, we will get the best price and represent our clients to their advantage. But our clients are not just listings, sales, or signatures. Our clients are the foundation upon which Award Co. is built, they are often friends and family, but more often acquaintances and strangers who become friends and family."

About Award Co. REALTORS®

Established as a residential brokerage in Northeast Oklahoma, Award Co. has two central goals. First, as REALTORS® who follow the Code of Ethics, we are committed to providing exceptional service to home buyers and sellers through active engagement, empathy and integrity. Secondly, Award Co. focuses on the individual growth of our agents, fostering a supportive community while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. As a company, we embrace innovation and are dedicated to being leaders in an ever-changing real estate industry.






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